From the end user,
to the data centre,
to the cloud.

Decorus is a leading specialist in providing you with current and emerging technologies.

Why Decorus

Decorus is an Independent Enterprise technology provider that delivers enterprise-class solutions and services. We provide our customers with expertise and over 20years experience in current and emerging technologies that help reduce the complexity within your within your IT infrastructure, whilst maximizing your performance.

Solutions & Services

Technology sits at the heart of every modern enterprise, but as it has grown in scale and complexity, organisations find themselves without the solutions in place to leverage new technologies. When you partner with Decorus, our proven methodologies will ensure that you accelerate your IT transformation and that your   objectives become a reality.

Financial Services

Decorus Pay As You Go service enables simpler deployment we can help you meet and exceed your business objectives by offering an agile procurement model which allows you to Pay As You Grow allowing you to spread the costs of technology whilst supporting sustainability and expanding capabilities of tomorrow.


Working with businesses to create flexible and transparent commercial models

We work with businesses to enable and adopt new technologies

Our success is not simply about what we can do for our customers, its about how we do it. We work to understand your unique business goals, and apply industry-leading technology, professional services and a blend of industry unique financial options to help you reach them faster. Your success is our success.

Networking & Connectivity​


Integrating technology solutions for your business

At Decorus we work with world-class partners that help deliver the technology your business relies on, fine tuned to work best on systems. We work closely with leading technology companies, software vendors and consulting firms to bring you complete, integrated solutions.